We simplify everyday travelling

Everyone wants to travel with us

Everyone want to travel with us, because We simplify everyday travelling.
Nobina operates public bus transport in two business areas in the Nordic region

  • Regional traffic - Operations on Contract,  on assignment from the community through long-term contracts with Public Transport Authorities.
  • Interregional traffic on assignment from travellers in a free market.

In 2011 Nobina enters its 100th business year. Nobina has assured the essentials for creating continued growth in managed conditions through clear process management and an ability to work to set objectives with a focus on strong values.

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Nobina Sverige has 200 million passengers per year in a market worth SEK 12 billion.

Swebus has 2 million passengers on 30 long distance bus lines. 

Nobina Fleet optimizes purchasing, management and sales of the approximately 3,500 buses in the Group’s fleet.


Nobina Norge has 13 million passengers in a rapidly deregulating market worth SEK 13 billion.


Nobina Finland has 44 million passengers in a market worth SEK 8 billion.


Nobina Danmark has 3 9 million passengers in a market worth SEK 8 billion.

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