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Strategy that makes a difference

Nobina is the Nordic region’s largest operator of public bus transport services. About one million people travel with us every day. We make it possible for more people to remain mobile in a flexible, safe and sustainable manner. Nobina’s size, know-how and long experience give us the strength to make constant improvements across the board, whether this concerns renewable fuel, decent jobs or providing the best and the most public transport for each krona of taxpayer money spent.

To operate and develop Nobina in the right direction, we have a strategic framework comprising three components: Strategic focus areas, Sustainability agenda and Governance and management.

The strategic focus areas demonstrate how we are to develop Nobina and our business. The sustainability agenda strengthens our business and helps us to conduct operations that are based on and benefit all stakeholders, as well as all of society. Governance and management ensures that we realise the company’s strategy and goals, using clear processes that ensure that the company is managed efficiently, responsibly and sustainably. The strategy helps Nobina to take a cohesive approach to the business and to steer the company in a sustainable direction – environmentally, socially and ethically. This is how we create positive values for Nobina’s stakeholders, for society and for the future.

The importance of moving development forward in the right direction is also clear in the UN’s overarching global goals that aim to increase mobility in society and encourage more people to travel in a climate-smart way.

Our strategic focus areas:
Smart transport solutions

We will develop public transport solutions that meet the need for sustainable and more fossil-free modes of transportation both today and tomorrow, and that simultaneously strengthen our significance in society, our growth and competitiveness. In Smart transport solutions, we will:

  • Grow organically in domestic markets in the Nordic region and be receptive to suitable acquisitions.
  • Focus on the core business and develop solutions and services that supplement it.
  • Strengthen our position by creating the sustainable and attractive public transport of the future by investing in innovative technology and complete solutions.
Proactive partner

We will be a proactive partner for our clients by taking initiatives that improve collaborations and our solutions for them. This includes developing contracts and conditions throughout the contract cycle. As a proactive partner, we will:

  • Promote attractive and fair contract models.
  • Follow up, develop and implement contracts in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • Take the initiative to improve services in existing contracts.
Resource efficiency

Technical innovations, efficient operations and optimised use of resources enable us to strengthen our competitiveness and contribute towards a sustainable development of society with more fossil-free travel. Through efficient resource use and production, we strengthen Nobina’s competitiveness and contribute towards sustainability in society. Efficient use of resources entails that we will:

  • Ensure fast and cost-efficient delivery as well as profitability.
  • Adapt operations to current and future shifts in technology.
  • Implement energy and resource-saving measures to reduce impact on the climate and environment and to enhance competitiveness.
People in focus

Everything we do is based on people and their needs. This allows us to provide the safest and most welcoming passenger and employee experience in the industry. Nobina attracts and develops the right employees so that we can continue to fulfill promises and requirements in relation to passengers and clients, owners and society. With people in focus, we will:

  • Ensure access to drivers and mechanics while maintaining a high standard of skills.
  • Strengthen the technical expertise of employees.
  • Pursue diversity and inclusion to be more attractive as an employer and better as a company.

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