The shareholders at the AGM elect an external independent auditor for the period until the end of the next AGM. The auditor reports to the shareholders at the company’s AGMs. The company is to have not less than one (1) and not more than two (2) auditors with at most two (2) deputies. Authorised public accountants or registered auditing firms are to be appointed as auditors or deputies as appropriate.

PricewaterhouseCoopers AB is Nobina’s auditor. Authorised Public Accountant, Michael Bengtsson, is the Auditor in Charge. Michael Bengtsson is a member of the Swedish Institute of Authorised Public Accountants (FAR).

The external auditors are responsible for auditing the company’s annual report, which consists of consolidated financial statements and accounts, as well as the administration of the Board and CEO. The auditor also conducts a general review of the company’s six and nine-monthly interim reports in accordance with the Code.

The auditor regularly reports to the Audit Committee, Group management and the local company management teams. At the Board meeting in conjunction with the annual accounts, the auditor presents his conclusions from the review to the entire Board. During the fiscal year 2017/18, the auditors have met the Board without the presence of the CEO.

The auditor may only be engaged for consulting services that have been decided and approved in advance by the Audit Committee. The auditor informs the Audit Committee of the annual audit plan, its scope and contents, and presents its conclusions. The Audit Committee is also informed about assignments that were performed in addition to auditing services, compensation for such assignments and other circumstances of importance for assessing the auditors’ independence. The audit is carried out in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, International Standards on Auditing and generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden, which are based on the International Federation of Accountants’ (IFAC) international audit standards.

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