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How Nobina is governed

To conduct operations successfully, the company needs goals, a strategy, business plans and key metrics. Good governance, management and follow-up are needed to realise plans and ensure work is conducted correctly.

Employees should not only be aware of the goals and key metrics, but must also understand why the company has specifically chosen these goals. It is important that employees understand the strategic direction to ensure effective internal communication that enables employees to draw attention to risks and suggest improvements. The continuous management of risks is a natural part of operations and an integrated part of decision-making throughout the Group, with risk management being carried out on an ongoing basis on all levels. Risk assessments cover, for example, business risks, financial risks and sustainability risks.

To achieve the above, Nobina has organised its operational governance model using Group functions and processes tasked with supporting the operating companies. Managers and persons responsible at Group, company and traffic area levels hold monthly meetings at which they report on and follow up on targets and results. On these occasions, any identified risks or suggestions for improvement are also analysed and subsequently addressed. All levels of operations at Nobina base their work on a systematic approach to guide work towards the company’s targets and to follow the strategy.

Below you see an illustration of our governance and management model, including our integrated risk management. Click here to have a closer look at the picture.

Board of Directors

Nobina’s Board has ultimate responsibility for the organisation and administration of the Group’s affairs. When the Board decides on the Group’s goals and strategy, it takes into consideration external expectations and internal conditions. Nobina has communicated long-term financial targets and key metrics for sustainability. One of the Board’s most important assignments is to ensure that the long-term strategy and governance, follow-up and control of Nobina’s daily operations meet the expectations of investors and other stakeholders, and that Nobina delivers according to its strategic goals, including financial results. Accordingly, the Board regularly follows up how operations comply with the strategy and meet goals and key metrics. Learn more about our Board of Directors, its roles and work.


Nobina’s CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors and is responsible for leading the company’s operating activities in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act and instructions and directives issued by the Board. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the company’s accounting policies meet legal requirements and that the company manages its financial issues in a correct and reliable manner. Nobina’s Board approves the company’s overall organisation and the functions that report to the CEO. The CEO also prepares and is responsible for the preparations ahead of Board meetings. Moreover, the CEO monitors decisions relating to key employees and central operational matters.

Group management

Group management leads day-to-day operations in line with the Group’s strategic and operational direction. In this way, Group management can ensure that goals and strategy are implemented and monitored. Key metrics for financial performance, quality and sustainability are monitored each month.

Group management comprises the individuals responsible for Group functions and the operating companies, and these are appointed by the CEO and approved by the Board of Directors. A presentation of Group management is available here. More about our Group management

Group functions and processes

Nobina’s Group functions are tasked with supporting our operating companies in their day-to-day activities. The Group functions comprise the Group staff organisation, which in turn comprises the following units: HR, Legal, Compliance, Purchasing, Fleet and Operational development, Group finance and Acquisitions and Strategy. The functions lead their respective areas of responsibility in close collaboration with the operating companies. The person responsible for each Group function is a member of Group management and reports to the CEO. The CEO leads the functions by conducting regular follow-ups with each member of Group management and through Group management meetings.

As a complement to Nobina’s organisational governance, the company is constantly developed using a number of processes that generate new guidelines, best practices and work approaches to ensure that Nobina is always operated as efficiently as possible.

The responsibility for each of the processes is closely linked to the responsibility within the Group functions, with the exception of the Production and Marketing Process, where representatives from the operating companies are responsible for pursuing the Group-wide agenda in Traffic Production and Market Development.

Nobina's main processes exist within Market and Production. Supporting processes can be found within HR, Purchasing, Finance, Legal, Fleet/SQA, Sustainability and IT

Operating companies and traffic areas

The operating companies in Nobina are the national companies, which are in turn organised into various traffic areas in each country. To meet the Group’s goals and key metrics, central and local business plans are developed at both company and local level through each traffic area. In this way, goals and key metrics are always the guiding features of business plans that are then set out in short and long-term action plans and in daily governance of various teams, professions and employees.

Working procedure

All of Nobina has a systematic working procedure where business plans are developed and introduced based on the Group’s overall strategic direction and local conditions, strengths and weaknesses. Nobina’s risk management process is also fully integrated into all parts of the operation and uses a specific work procedure. Read more about risk management here.

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