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Integrated risk management

All business operations are subject to various risks and, accordingly, the company must have effective risk management. The aim of Nobina’s risk management is not always to eliminate all risks, which is nearly impossible, but instead to optimise or limit the operation’s risks at all times to be able to achieve targets and follow the business plan.

Our risk management process is integrated in the strategy and governance of operations. The company actively manages risks by monitoring, identifying, assessing and resolving risks on a daily basis. For Nobina, robust and effective risk management entails creating a balance between setting targets and limiting risk.

The various risks to which the Group is exposed include everything from financial risks (for example, interest rate risks, credit risks) to continuous operational risks (for example, traffic disruptions and technical problems with vehicles) and sustainability risks (for example, climate change, conflicts, shortage of resources). Nobina has classified the risks in various risk areas as a means of streamlining risk management.

In our Annual Report, you can read more about our risk management activities and how risks can impact a company that lacks or has deficiencies in its controls.

Have a closer look at the illustration of our overaching work procedure for risk management.

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