About the Group

What is Nobina

Nobina is the Nordic region’s largest and most experienced public transport service provider. Our expertise in prospecting, tendering and active management of public transport contracts in combination with long-term delivery quality make us the industry leader in terms of profitability, develop- ment and initiatives promoting a healthier industry.

What does Nobina do

Every day, Nobina ensures that more than one million people get to work, school or other activities by delivering contracted public transport in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. 

What value does Nobina create 

Nobina makes travel simpler and more friendly for more than one million people every day. Our success creates a better society in the form of increased mobility, reduced environmental impact and lower cost to society. The overriding financial objectives of our operations are to generate stable and profitable growth. 

More detailed information about Nobina is available here on this website and in Nobina's Annual Report 2015/16


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