Nobina's values

Three shared values define the ethics applied in all arts of the Group’s operations, from internal activities to relations with external parties. They also describe how the company strives to conduct its activities in an efficient manner. Through systematic monitoring, the management can determine how firmly established the values are throughout the company.

We respect each other

We safeguard the equal value of all human beings and treat each other with courtesy and consideration. Together, we create a secure and creative working climate. We take action in the case of lack of respect toward customers, each other and the company.

We care

We are committed, attentive and care about each other. We take active responsibility for the environment, society, safety and security. We promote health and personal development.

We are good leaders

Our leadership is based on trust, transparency and courage. We motivate through inclusion and draw attention to achievements. As a leader, we are a good role model in all of our communication.


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