Nobina's values

Five shared values define the ethics applied in all arts of the Group’s operations, from internal activities to relations with external parties. They also describe how the company strives to conduct its activities in an efficient manner. Through systematic monitoring, the management can determine how firmly established the values are throughout the company.

Our customers’ needs is our reason for being

We treat our customers with kindness and respect and are sensitive to their needs. We keep our promises, develop priceworthy solutions and simplify for our customers.

In all we do, we strive to develop

We achieve our goals and deliver results. We are efficient with resources and the quality we promise is always our minimum standard.  Being goal-oriented and having systematic follow-up is vital for constantly improving our services as well as our company.

We foster solid leadership

Our demands and expectations on our leaders and co-workers are well defined. We always prioritise the interests of our customers and of the company before our own. Everyone receives feedback on their performance and we show our appreciation for their achievements. We always honour confidentiality.

We respect each other

Everyone is of equal importance, and is treated with kindness and respect. Together we create a secure and creative work environment that stimulates initiatives and suggestions for improvements. We take action against any lack of respect towards our customers, towards each other and towards the company.

We care

We take an active responsibility for the environment and for our society. We encourage personal health and development. We act according to laws and regulations. We are engaged and we care for each other, for our customers and for the world around us.


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