Nobina in the Nordic region

With a market presence in the form of about 100 contracts with public transport authorities, spread over 30 traffic areas in four countries, Nobina is the Nordic region’s leading public transport company with a focus on bus transport. Our bus fleet comprises approximately 3,600 buses and about 307 million passengers board our buses every year.

Nobina Sweden 

Nobina’s strongest position is in the Swedish market, with a market share of approximately 30 percent for regional traffic under contract. The contracts are distributed across local traffic areas, as well as having garages and workshops located throughout the country. 

Nobina Denmark

Nobina started up operations in Denmark in 2008 and since then, it has gradually improved its position to ensure that it has a greater number of profitable contracts, where focus is on quality. Our position is particularly strong in Copenhagen.

Nobina Norway

Nobina is the fifth largest competitor with most of our traffic assignments in the Oslo area. Nobina Norway has a market share of seven percent in a growing market. 

Nobina Finland

Nobina is the largest public transport service provider in the Helsinki region and thus also one of the country’s major players. The market is growing because tendering of public transport is rapidly gaining ground even outside the major cities. 

Nobina Technology

Nobina Technology was formed in the beginning of 2016 to cater to the need for Nobina as the laboratory for the development of shared mobility solutions. The company is a separate entity within the Nobina group, with the freedom to conduct experiments, collaborate with experienced industry players in partnership deals and to develop new ways to address opportunities related to shared mobility. 



*Annual Report 2016/2017


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