Of course our vision “Everyone wants to travel with us” is a great challenge, but a good vision should be difficult to achieve. Our objective of increasing public travelling is best served by creating the greatest possible customer value in cooperation with our clients and partners, thus living up to our business concept: Simplify everyday travelling.

Everyone wants to travel with us

The public travelling of the future is created by committed co-workers who feel that their efforts can make a difference.

In order to achieve this, travelling with us must be easy, with clear timetables, great accessibility, easy ticketing and up-to-date information on traffic hold-ups.

This calls for close dialogues with passengers and clients (PTAs'), with whose collective experience we are able to achieve new objectives that create even more attractive passenger traffic.

And things must not be expensive for our individual passengers, our clients or the environment. Everything we do must be with a view to sustainability from the standpoint of family budgets, client resources and global climate issues. Our ability to create efficient synergistic gains and increased cooperation between clients and partners contributes to a more efficient use of resources not only for the individual but also from an overall standpoint.

However, in the end we win the trust of our passengers and clients solely through our own actions. We know from experience that we enjoy the trust of our passengers and clients alike. Our business is founded on trust and one-on-one communications between the passenger and driver, in the workshop and in contract negotiations. Our day-to-day actions must be characterized by good manners, friendliness, straightforward communication, a sympathetic ear and tolerance. A naturally friendly attitude that signals warmth, consideration and concern oils the wheels of the complex world where we and our passengers get to grips with our everyday lives.


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