Group management

*Shareholding figures last updated 28 February 2018



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Magnus Rosén

President and CEO of Nobina AB since 2017.

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Jan Bosaeus

Deputy CEO and VP of Nobina AB. 

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Henrik Dagnäs

MD at Nobina Sverige since 2018. 


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Jenny Lundmark

HR director since 2019


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Per Skärgård

CFO at Nobina AB since 2004, VP of Nobina AB since 2009.

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Martin Pagrotsky

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer since 2006.

Magnus af Petersens

Director of Strategy and M&A

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Petri Auno

MD at Nobina Finland Oy since 2019.

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Jan Volsdal

MD at Nobina Norge AS since 2017.

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Niels Peter Nielsen

MD at Nobina Danmark A/S since 2011.