Sustainable business

Increasing mobility and lowering environmental impact are key to achieving a more sustainable society, both locally and globally. One way is to get more people to use public transport.

Nobina’s operations and sustainability efforts are united in the value of convincing more people to leave their cars at home, and use public transport instead. By creating economic, environmental and social value in our solutions for public transport, Nobina is able to convince more people to travel together. Mobility in society increases, it promotes growth, it is good for the environment and, over the long run, it encourages geographic and social balance. 

The importance of steering development in the right direction is also visible in the overall political objects that have been formulated on global level, i.e. increasing resilience and safety in society and encouraging more people to travel in a climate-smart way.

Nobina’s impact and responsibility

Since our operations are, to a large extent, publicly financed, it is important that we clarify how we take responsibility. We are a company that operates according to
a set of values and we regard our business from three perspectives: people, the environment and the economy. Nobina’s perspective covers several dimensions: from the family budget, the PTA’s resources and climate issues, to responsibility for safety, employees and passengers.

More information about Nobina’s sustainability work and the continual improvement efforts are found in Nobina’s Annual report 2016/17.


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