Environmental responsibility


Particle and carbon dioxide emissions, along with fuel consumption are the environmental issues that Nobina prioritizes. We are happy to report that carbon dioxide emissions are falling at the rate that older contracts are replaced with new ones, which also steers the bus fleet in the direction of buses that run on renewable fuels.

Nobina is committed to deliver in accordance with the requirements stated in its existing contracts. We also need to gradually adapt the
bus fleet to new requirements in a way that is profitable for us and society. A cornerstone of the efforts to increase our competitiveness and lower the environmental impact is to utilize resources as efficiently as possible in all areas of our operations. Nobina continues to prioritize efforts to increase its environmental expertise so that it has good understanding at an overall level, and on how all environmental aspects relate to each other.

Greener travel via higher involvement

During the year, the company’s Green Journey software has become more popular with our drivers. The software helps drivers apply eco-driving techniques and the effects are visible in such ways as lower fuel consumption. A gentler driving style also results in lower g-forces on the bus, which translates to a smoother ride and greater comfort for passengers. Technology continues to develop and new diagnosis tools are being tested, which makes it possible to measure bus performance in order to better optimize the need for service, from an environmental and economic perspective. 


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