Environmental policy

High availability, attractive pricing and environmental considerations are often some of the most important arguments for bus travel. Bus traffic currently releases lower levels of emissions per passenger kilometer than car traffic.

The effects of transportation on people and the environment are well documented. The impact on human health can be negative, the ozone layer close to the Earth's surface harms vegetation and is irritating to respiratory organs and mucous membranes. Noise has different effects in different situations yet is very significant to health and the possibility of enjoying a high quality of life. Sweden's 15 national environment-quality targets for transportation include reduced climate impact, fresh air, natural acidification only, a non-toxic environment, zero eutrophication and good built environment.

Sustainable bus transportation

Bus traffic can become increasingly sustainable by transitioning to new fuels that will reduce the net contribution of carbon dioxide emissions from bus traffic. At the same time, fuel savings from economical driving generate significant effects in the form of reduced costs and lower emissions that affect health and climate.


Nobina shall be one of the most environmentally friendly altarnatives for public transport with bus. Our strive for developing a long term strategy has its basis in our ambition to become the leading supplier of sustainable and resourceefficient bustraffic.

Therefore, we work active with:

  • Perform energy saving activities everywhere we run our business
  • Perform fuel saving activities
  • Always be the partner in assessing alternative fuels in our industry
  • Continuously decrease our emissions to air, land and waters
  • Sustain and develop our employee’s environmental competence
  • Use clear environmental requirements upon sourcing and to suppliers


We achive our goals through an integrated approach to environmental issues in our business, where laws and regulations are minimum level.

  • Strive for sustainable development by taking into consideration the environment in planning, development and implementation in our operations
  • Describe the environmental work and its agreed practices in our common processes
  • Regularly identify and evaluate our environmental aspects including environmental risks
  • Reduce major risks by introducing and following appropriate measures
  • Measure and evaluate our environmental impact
  • Integrate environmental issues into our improvement work


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