Social responsibility

Our offering and vision especially comes to life through the daily efforts of our employees.



With committed, motivated employees who feel that their efforts actually make a difference, we are able to ensure an increasing number of more satisfied passengers. For Nobina, safe operations and work environment have the highest priority. Our vision is zero injuries at work. 

Employees play a key role at Nobina, where the company culture focuses on passenger needs. It is therefore crucial that our employees are motivated, involved and satisfied.

  • At Nobina we strive to be an attractive employer
  • We continously recruit skilled drivers
  • We aim for a good leadership
  • Clear goals to each individual and performance appraisals
  • Continuously training and development
  • Nobina promotes diversity and equality
  • We want a safe workplace

Local leadership and an employeeship that focuses on passenger needs

With the goal of being the most attractive employer in our industry, we continually strive to develop and motivate our employees. We feel that the local leadership teams play an important role in helping employees become acquainted with the traffic area’s goals and feel involved in the effort to reach them. A prerequisite to our overall success and profitability is that our employees know what is expected of them. Nobina works with target management so that every employee is able to act in accordance with the criteria upon which they will be assessed. All employees have individual goals that are discussed and formulated during performance reviews held at least once per year with the employee’s closest supervisor.

Nobina competes in a fluctuating, labor-intensive industry, where the skill level of our employees is fundamental to our success.


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