Quality, work environment, environment and safety


For Nobina, safe operations and work environment have the highest priority. Our vision is zero injuries. That is how seriously we feel about this.

With a sense of responsibility and passenger focus, Nobina should be able to guarantee that passengers will have a safe and secure journey. Passengers should also be able to rely on Nobina providing stable transport services. The foundation for safe operations is a continual effort to strengthen the safety culture. We do this through proactive, systematic work involving risk assessments of traffic environments and situations in order to then take appropriate preventive measures. First and foremost, risks should be eliminated. Otherwise, they should be minimized. It is equally important to maintain the skill level of our employees and ensure that they have the right attitude about safety.

The importance of preventive work
To make even more progress on preventive measures, a holistic approach has been taken on KAMS issues, i.e. quality, work environment, environment and safety. This has to do with clarifying the issues and to a greater extent, making them more relevant and real to daily operations in the traffic areas. In case of crisis situations every company and traffic area at Nobina has a contingency plan that can be quickly mobilized. All traffic areas participate in crisis exercises every year.


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