At Nobina, we are proud of the processes and partnerships we have. Through careful preparation, we always look for stable partners and suppliers who, like us, are passionate about developing public transport in different ways. To become a supplier to us, they must stand for the values we represent, so we clarify our demands at an early stage in the process. We have developed a routine for monitoring the requirements by holding the meeting agenda updated with sustainability issues to the recurring meetings we have with the suppliers. We are also conducting sustainability audits at their place. Our requirements are clarified in the following code of conduct.



The Nobina Group is the largest and most experienced public transport operator in the Nordic region. Nobina daily secures people coming to work, school and activities by delivering contracted public transport on behalf of the public in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. In addition, Nobina offers express bus services in Swebus on the Swedish market. The Group is the industry leader in terms of profitability, development and promoters to a healthier industry.

Goods and services delivered and provided to Nobina shall be made in both durable and responsible terms. Suppliers and partners should therefore work according to documented procedures aimed at ensuring that the production of the goods delivered takes place under conditions consistent with the following rules.

Our expectation

Suppliers and partners to Nobina, need to have as a starting point a documented work that should be well-established throughout the organization, about sustainability and the aspects that are attributable to the specified regulations. There must be documented and established control or target documents or policies, management decisions, strategies or equivalent that concern sustainability based on these perspectives.

The supplier must comply with the principles of the UN Global Compact, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the ILO Declaration on

basic principles and rights in working life from 1998, in accordance with national laws and practices. This is especially true:

Human Rights and Equal Employment Conditions

The supplier shall ensure that

  • Legislation in the countries in which the supplier operates is to be respected and always represents a minimum level of employee terms.
  • Child labor, as defined in the ILO Convention, may not occur.
  • Able to use someone in the form of forced labor or punishment is not accepted.
  • Discrimination based on ethnicity, sex, religion, social origin, disability, political or sexual orientation must not occur. The supplier shall promote an integrated work environment that values ​​diversity among its employees.
  • Freedom of association and organizational law is a right and in those countries where the right of association is limited or under development, the supplier will help employees meet management to discuss pay and work conditions without adverse consequences.
  • Salary shall be paid directly to the employee at the agreed time and in full. The national statutory minimum wage is the lowest accepted wage level. The weekly working time may not exceed the legal limit and overtime should be paid or compensated for.


We expect our suppliers and partners to have a system perspective on environmental issues and use routines to reduce both their energy and resource consumption as well as their waste and land, atmospheric and water emissions. Chemicals should be handled in a safe and safe manner for man and nature.

Health and Safety

The working environment should maintain a level that complies with international guidelines. Employees shall be informed of any health risks that the work may cause. All employees must have access to and use relevant protective equipment.

Data protection and disclosure of information

The supplier shall comply with relevant data protection and security laws and regulations, in particular personal data about customers, consumers, employees and shareholders. The supplier shall meet all these requirements when collecting, processing, transferring or using personal data.

Bribery and corruption

The supplier shall comply with all national and international laws against bribery and applicable anti-corruption laws, regulations and norms. The Supplier shall not offer (or directly or indirectly) or promise to offer anything of value in order to adversely affect an official act or to secure an improper advantage for obtaining or retaining business.

Trade regulations

The supplier shall comply with all applicable trade and import regulations, including sanctions and embargoes that apply to their business.


The supplier should be prepared for any interruptions in his activities (eg natural disasters, terrorism, software viruses, illnesses, pandemics, infectious diseases). This emergency preparedness includes in particular disaster plans to protect as far as possible both employees and the environment against the effects of potential disasters arising in the area of ​​activity.

Business Partner Dialogue

The supplier shall encourage their own suppliers to comply with this Code of Conduct for Suppliers as part of the fulfillment of their contractual obligations.

Conflicts of interests

A conflict of interests arises when a person has a personal / personal interest that could prove to affect their decision. Such conflicts of interest include a relationship through relationship or marriage, partnership, partnership or investment. The supplier shall disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest with Nobina's staff.

Compliance and follow-up of the code

By signing the vendor, CEO / responsible company signatory, the document certifies that the supplier, and any subcontractors, comply with the requirements formulated in this document.

The signature entitles us to investigate, through inspection, or otherwise, compliance with the requirements of the document.

Any breach of the obligations stated in this Code of Conduct for Suppliers is considered to be a material breach by the Supplier.

Report violations

Deviations and violation of the code of conduct can be reported by e-mail to              





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