• Nu rullar Nobinas självkörande bussar i Kista

    Nu rullar för första gången självkörande fordon på allmän väg i Skandinavien. I ett halvår ska Nobinas bussar gå i försökstrafik i Kista i Stockholm, inom ramen för projektet Autopiloten. 

  • Nobina in new major pilot project with autonomous vehicles in Greater Copenhagen

    For three years, Nobina will be responsible for, and operate, a pilot project with autonomous buses in Greater Copenhagen. The pilot, which is the largest of its kind in Denmark, is being undertaken in a unique collaboration between the municipalities of LOOP City, Albertslund and Gladsaxe, Nobina, together with IBM, Roskilde University (RUC) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

  • Winners of the hackaway on the future of travel

    A new app with personalised traffic information – that was the winner of an intensive hackaway on the future of travel. The winning app provides information only about traffic disruptions that are relevant, depending on how we travel in day-to-day traffic. Over a weekend at the end of January, the event brought together, at Käringön in Bohuslän, some 40 developers from companies that included e.g. Spotify and Mojang. In addition to the winning proposal, lots of other ideas were generated for web solutions and apps, all of which are based on real data. 

  • Hackaway

    Leave town for a hackathon out of the ordinary!

  • Kista Mobility Week

    Will we see self-driving vehicles on the streets in the near future? Join us at Kista Mobility Week, 25-29th of April, to find out more.