Large interest for Kista Mobility Week

Kista Mobility Week 2016 was successful in attracting interest from industry professionals, journalists, politicans and the public. 

With its basecamp next to Kista Galleria, Kista Mobility Week managed to draw a fair amount of interest during 25th-29th of April. The self-driving busses that constantly departed with curious people onboard proved to be a big success. During the five days of demonstration, 3,297 people have tried this new means of transportation. The documentation was intense from the public and from the media, both national and international.

Kista Mobility Week 2016

The VIP opening of KMW16 attracted 120 guests, and kicked off a week filled with lively discussions on future mobility solutions, new partnership opportunities and a rare chance to try the self-driving vehicles. Ragnar Norbäck, CEO of Nobina AB, presented Nobina’s view on self-driving vehicles and shared mobility.

On Thursday, Sweden's minister of infrastructure, Anna Johansson, rode a self-driving bus to attend the Drive Sweden Roundtable - a large discussion opportunity that attracted over 90 guests. 

Kista is a boiling technology hub, located only 15 minutes from central Stockholm, and Kista Mobility Week successfully coincided with both the Eureka Innovation Week 2016, as well as the Electrum 30 year jubilee. These events attracted different sets of visitors, and made it possible for KMW to showcase innovative solutions for delegations from other countries. This has already resulted in several international enquires.

The participants could share their stories on Twitter with the hashtag #KMW16.

Photos: Christian von Essen