An autonomous bus faces as many obstacles as an usual car or bus. The difference is that the autonomous bus need to be equipped with a “conscious” that can handle all the information it receives during a drive, like buildings, people, other road users, road works and all other situations. It is up to us to tell the bus what is shall do with this information and always with the priority of the safety of the people.

We started our journey with the first test on public road in Scandinavia with an autonomous vehicle in December 2017 when we got our first approval from the Swedish transport agency. We have after that continued to development of the different systems with our partners. The work has led to that we now have introduced the first in the world autonomous buses fully integrated in a public transport network in Barkarby in the northern part of Stockholm. But we are not satisfied with this, now we continue our development journey with the development of the operational systems to improve and optimize every day delivery. We have also just started our first V2X-project were the vehicles communicate with sensors in its surrounding  to further increase the possibility to run in even more complex environment.