Acquisitions and divestments

Acquisitions constitute an important part of Nobina’s strategy to broaden and grow the business in the Nordic region.



In May 2021, Nobina entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of Telepass AB, which is the market leader in service traffic in Skåne. As a result, Nobina, through the subsidiaries Samtrans and Göteborgs Buss, is a leading player in Sweden in service traffic with the opportunity for continued growth and broadening of the offer in both Sweden and Denmark. In recent years, Telepass has shown strong growth with good profitability in the Skåne region. The annual growth rate (CAGR) since 2017 has amounted to approximately 67 percent. During the fiscal year 2020, sales amounted to approximately SEK 350 million with an EBITDA of approximately SEK 60 million, corresponding to an EBITDA margin of 17 percent. The contracts follow industry practice and are usually four years long.

Nobina acquires Telepass and becomes leading service traffic provider in Sweden


Göteborgs Buss

In December 2020, Nobina entered an agreement for the strategic acquisition of Göteborgs Buss AB, domiciled in Gothenburg, Sweden. The acquisition – carried out through its wholly owned subsidiary Samtrans – strengthens Nobina’s position in service traffic, and thus also enables the company’s entry to the market in western Sweden. The acquisition encompasses a business comprising approximately 170 vehicles and 220 employees in tendered special public transport services and generates sales of approximately SEK 130 million. The acquisition is part of Nobina’s strategy to strengthen and develop its position in special public transport. Nobina completes strategic acquisition of Göteborgs Buss and strengthens its position in special needs transportation

KE’s Bussar

In December 2020, Nobina entered an agreement to acquire the bus company Karl Erik Elofsson Buss AB, domiciled in Kungsbacka, western Sweden. The acquisition strengthens Nobina’s position in western Sweden at the same time as there are new synergies between existing contracts, forthcoming tenders and bus-for-rail services. The business generates approximately SEK 90 million and has approximately 100 buses and 100 employees in tendered regular services and school bus services in addition to coach hire and bus-for-rail services. The transaction represents a continuation of the strategy to both broaden and grow in the Nordic market, while building a platform for increased competitiveness in small-scale contracts. Nobina completes strategic acquisition of KE'S Bussar and strengthens its position in western Sweden



In February 2019, Nobina entered an agreement to acquire parts of the bus company Örslev Holding ApS in Denmark. The acquisition strengthens Nobina’s position in the Danish market ahead of future tenders and broadens the operations to encompass special public transportation services in Denmark. The acquisition encompassed a business with approximately 16 buses in tendered regular services on South Zealand and 21 minibuses for special needs transportation. The acquisition of Örslev is a first step in Denmark in the strategically important area of special needs transportation. The acquired parts of Örslev reported sales in 2018 of approximately DKK 40 million and EBITDA of DKK 4.4 million. Nobina completes strategic acquisition and focuses on special public transport services in Denmark


De Blaa Omnibusser

On 30 November, Nobina concluded an agreement to acquire the public transport company DBO Busser Holding A/S “De Blaa Omnibusser” in Denmark and as a result secured three new contracts with annual sales of about DKK 160 million. The company reported sales of DKK 158 million in 2017, with an EBT margin of approximately 16 percent.
Nobina’s Danish operations are mainly concentrated to Zealand where the acquisition of De Blaa Omnibusser will strengthen Nobina’s market share and improve Nobina’s opportunity to provide qualitative and scalable bus solutions to society and customers. The acquisition encompasses a business with approximately 65 buses and 225 employees in tendered regular services in north Zealand.

Nobina concludes acquisition of De Blaa Omnibusser

Samtrans Omsorgsresor

On 1 October 2018, Nobina concluded the acquisition of the leading player in special public transport services in the Stockholm market, Samtrans. The acquisition will create growth and is in line with Nobina’s strategy to expand its business in public transport and to develop its offering to both society and customers. The company has approximately 100 employees in administration and order booking and 175 affiliated passenger carriers with about 750 vehicles and drivers. At the time of the acquisition, the company reported sales of SEK 750 million distributed between 24 contracts, where it performs, administrates and coordinates travel for individuals with special needs and school transport services. The acquisition also creates growth through synergies with existing operations, further broadens the contract market and makes a positive contribution from takeover to the Group’s earnings and margins. There is also potential for a consolidation of the Nordic market by either growing organically using Samtrans’ contractual models in other metropolitan regions or through additional acquisitions.

Nobina concludes acquisition of Samtrans

Swebus Express

In May 2018, Nobina completed the divestment of the wholly owned express bus company, Swebus Express AB, to the travel company, FlixBus Sverige AB, for EUR 10.2 million (corresponding to SEK 108 million). The divestment encompassed Swebus’s commercial operations, brand and most of the vehicle fleet. The transaction was in line with Nobina’s strategic focus areas, which aim to develop its contract business and create the best solutions for public transport. The divestment of the interregional express bus services company, which operated in an intensely competitive market, was made with a capital gain of SEK 56 million.

Nobina divests express bus operations

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