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Consolidated cash flow statement

The multi-year overview is updated shortly after each reporting date. Complete financial reports are available in the Reports and Presentations-section.

Cash flow from operations Profit/loss after financial items5343993853553552
(of which from continuing operations)5343993953553552
(of which from discontinued operations)---10---
Adjustment for non-cash items14171340890764824864
Cash flow from changes in working capital19511739127511191179866
(of which from continuing operations)19511739128511191179866
(of which from discontinued operations)---10---
Cash flow from changes in working capital
Change in inventories1-12-64-23
Changes in operating receivables-181118-115-53-41-32
Changes in operating liabilities379-302199579711
Cash flow from operations199-19678854-18
(of which from continuing operations)199-196788
(of which from discontinued operations)----
Received interest income2---112
Tax paid-5--5-6--
Cash flow from operations21471543134811201234850
(of which from continuing operations)21471543135811201234850
(of which from discontinued operations)---10---
Cash flow from investing activities
Changes in restricted cash----2490
Investments in intangible and tangible non-current assets excluding financial leasing-1458-1527-1107-176-290-193
Divestment of intangible and tangible non-current assets1853406216035
Sales of subsidiary--46---
Cash flow from investing activities-1542-1521-1542-114-106-68
(of which from continuing operations)-1542-1481-1588-114-106-68
(of which from discontinued operations)--46---
Cash flow from financing activities
Repayment by instalment of operational and financial leasing liability-607-666-660-653-667-628
Redemption of bons and other external loans-458-386-79-44-39-577
Payment of newly issued shares-----850
New issue of shares to senior executive -----1
New borrowing, other external loans13928601766464109
Financing costs for new loans-1--7---49
Repurchase of shares--60-74---
Interest paid-171-192-132-133-142-254
Cash flow from financing activities155-775518-1100-1014-548
(of which from continuing operations)155-775518-1100-1014-548
(of which from discontinued operations)------
Cash flow for the period760-753324-94114234
(of which from continuing operations)760-753288-61114234
(of which from discontinued operations)--36-33--
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of period3071058720804683453
Cash flow for the period760-753324-94114234
Exchange rate difference-18214107-4
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of period10493071058720804683

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