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Consolidated income statement

The multi-year overview is updated shortly after each reporting date. Complete financial reports are available in the Reports and Presentations-section.

Net sales10,78710,6459,7349,0948,8588,317
Operating expenses
Fuel, tyres and other consumables-1,691-1,816-1,769-1,651-1,637-1,704
Other external expenses-1,635-1,545-1,460-1,362-1,404-1,173
Personnel costs-5,510-5,520-5,190-4,919-4,656-4,561
Sum EBITDA1,9511,7641,3151,1621,161879
Capital losses from disposal on non-current assets22-32-7-14-15
Depreciation/amortization of intangible and tangible non-current assets-1,196-1,104-705-665-653-606
Sum EBITA757662578490494258
Acqusition-related income and costs-4-2-20---
Depreciation/amortization of intangible assets-64-63-25---
Sum EBIT689597533490494258
Profit from net financial items
Financial income2---13
Financial expenses-157-198-138-135-140-259
Net financial items-155-198-138-135-139-256
Profit/loss before tax5343993953553552
Income tax-89-94-92-771632
Discontinued operations
Profit for the period from discontinued operations0056000
Net profit/loss for the period4453053592785184
Profit/loss for the period attributable to the Parent Company shareholders4453053592785184
Earnings per share before dilution (SEK), attributable to continuing operations5.033.473.443.15_ 5.860.04
Earnings per share before dilution (SEK),attributable to discountinued operations--0.62---
Earnings per share before dilution (SEK),attributable to Parent Company shareholders5.033.474.063.15_ 5.860.04
Earnings per share after dilution (SEK),attributable to Parent Company shareholders4.983.434.033.15_ 5.860.04
Average number of shares before dilution (thousands)88,35688,35688,35688,35688,35680,607
Average number of shares after dilution (thousands)89,23589,35689,05488,35688,35680,607
Number of outstanding shares at end of period (thousands)86,14786,14787,10988,35688,35688,356

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