Nobina's values

Five values

Five shared values define the ethics applied in all arts of the Group’s operations, from internal activities to relations with external parties. They also describe how the company strives to conduct its activities in an efficient manner. Through systematic monitoring, the management can determine how firmly established the values are throughout the company.

We are here for our customers

We listen carefully to passenger needs and approach passengers with friendliness and respect. We keep our promises, develop value-for-money solutions and make life easier for our passengers.

We strive for continuous development

We achieve objectives and deliver results. We are resource efficient and meet or exceed assured quality. We work with managed objectives and systematic follow-up in order to continually improve the company and its services.

We respect each other

We safeguard each other’s equality and treat each other with friendliness and respect. Together we shape a secure and creative working climate that encourages initiative and suggestions for improvement. We oppose a lack of respect towards passengers, each other and the company.

We safeguard good leadership

We place clearly-defined demands on managers and employees. We put the passenger’s and the company’s interests before our own. We foster unrestricted cooperation. We provide feedback on work performed and pay due regard to achievements. We manage trust and confidentiality.

We care

We take active responsibility for the environment and the community. We encourage health and personal development. We follow regulations and abide by the law. We are involved; we care for each other, our passengers and the world at large.


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