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We are the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator, with 13,000 employees across four countries. Every day, one million people choose to travel more sustainably with us. Together with our passengers and clients, we have a unique possibility to make a difference. With sustainable responsibility and innovation that contribute to more fossil-free travel. Together, we keep society moving every day.

Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid appointed new Managing Director of Nobina Norway

Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid has been appointed new Managing Director of Nobina Norway and member of Nobina’s Group management. Her most recent position was as CEO of the Norwegian airline Flyr.
Electrical buses in Turku

Nobina wins new contract with Föli in Finland

Nobina has been awarded a new contract by Föli to operate and develop city transport services in Turku. All services will be operated by electric buses from the start of the contract in July 2024. This represents a clear commitment to sustainability.
Passengers at bus station

Travel after the pandemic

Remote working, cancelled or audience-free events, school closures and advice not to travel – there were many reasons why travel with Nobina’s buses fell significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, when there are increasing signs that the pandemic is ending, questions arise as to what the new normal will be. Has there been a fundamental change in the way people behave?

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