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We are the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator, with 13,000 employees across four countries. Every day, one million people choose to travel more sustainably with us. Together with our passengers and clients, we have a unique possibility to make a difference. With sustainable responsibility and innovation that contribute to more fossil-free travel. Together, we keep society moving every day.
Jenny Karlsson

Jenny Karlsson becomes Nobina's new Head of Sustainability

Nobina is recruiting Jenny Karlsson to the role of Head of Sustainability with a focus on driving and developing sustainability efforts throughout the Group. Jenny replaces Sustainability Manager Helena Nisser and will play a key role as Nobina takes the next step in sustainability. Jenny assumed her position on March 25.

10th anniversary of the Bus Driver's Day celebrations

Every day, one million passengers travel to school, work, family, relatives and leisure activities in Nobina's buses. And behind the wheel, all day, all year round, are the people who make the journey possible. On March 18, on Bus Driver's Day, our drivers are given a little extra attention, this year for the tenth year!
Brt bus - improved mobility

18 million more trips with improved mobility

Lack of road access and increased travel times is one of the biggest challenges for public transport throughout the Nordic region. It affects people's willingness to travel together, our ability to build sustainable communities and, not least, the possibility of achieving common climate goals. It also leads to increased costs.

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