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We are Nobina

We are the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator, with 12,000 employees across four countries. Every day, one million people choose to travel more sustainably with us. Together with our passengers and clients, we have a unique possibility to make a difference. With sustainable responsibility and innovation that contribute to more fossil-free travel. Together, we keep society moving every day.

Nobina - a growth company in sustainable public transport

Nobina offers the Nordic market’s most complete offering of expertise, support and services in public transport. We offer bus transport and special needs services, and develop digital payment solutions and planning tools for door-to-door travel. Our extensive experience and credibility among stable public clients, and our focus on high-growth regions in the Nordics, make us uniquely positioned...
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Travel after the pandemic

Remote working, cancelled or audience-free events, school closures and advice not to travel – there were many reasons why travel with Nobina’s buses fell significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, when there are increasing signs that the pandemic is ending, questions arise as to what the new normal will be. Has there been a fundamental change in the way people behave?

How Nobina is governed

To conduct operations successfully, the company needs goals, a strategy, business plans and key metrics. Good governance, management and follow-up are needed to realise plans and ensure work is conducted correctly. Employees should not only be aware of the goals and key metrics, but must also understand why the company has specifically chosen these goals.

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