Sustainability in every part

Increasing people’s mobility and lowering environmental impact are key to achieving a more sustainable society, both locally and globally. Nobina’s way of contributing to a sustainable future is to offer leading and smart transport solutions and to encourage more people to take public transport. In this way, what we do every day is part of the solution and sustainability is an integral part of Nobina – from the inside out – from why we exist and what we offer to how we govern our operations.

Smart transport solutions for a sustainable society

Nobina strives to make as many people as possible view public transport as a safe and convenient mode of transport, making it a simple and obvious choice to travel by bus rather than by car. This is our main contribution to a sustainable society, with the subsequent reduction in traffic, congestion, emissions and stress.

Long-term resource use

Long-term resource use involves being economic with resources in connection with major decisions and in day-to-day activities. From the choice of the buses we purchase, fuel and energy, to the consumption of office materials. In addition to our own efforts to minimise our climate and environmental footprint, we impose demands on and challenge suppliers and clients using proactive ideas.

Responsible employer and societal stakeholder

We regard our responsibility as much greater than creating employment for nearly 12,000 people. Nobina wants to lead the way and assume social responsibility to promote diversity, offer decent jobs and a healthy work environment. For this reason, we are keen to be an attractive employer, where people thrive and develop, and where diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

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