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Nobina is a large employer and societal stakeholder. We employ almost 13,000 people
and operate in a sector with substantial future recruitment needs. Our workplace
is to be distinguished by diversity and inclusion and we are constantly striving to
ensure a safe and healthy work environment. This is the foundation that enables our
employees to deliver on Nobina’s traveller promise with pride.

UN Sustainable Development Goal:

Decent work and economic growth

The goal aims to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Nobina’s contribution

Nobina’s greatest contribution is to interim target 8.5 to achieve full and productive employment and decent work with equal pay for work of equal value. Equally important is interim target 8.8 to protect labour rights and promote safe and secure work environments for all workers. Nobina is a large employer and for many a first step into the labour market. Every year, we introduce new people to the driving profession through collaborations with job centres and our own vocational training courses. All employees are covered by collective agreements and a systematic health and safety programme.

Focus on female drivers

Access to drivers is a key issue for Nobina, particularly as retirement rates are rising and demand for public transport is growing.

During the year, recruitment efforts were more focused on reaching women. This is because more women are needed across the industry and because it is a natural way to broaden, or rather double, the recruitment base. This initiative has yielded results in Nobina Finland. The target here is that eventually, women should account for 40 percent of drivers. Before the targeted recruitment initiative began, this figure was 6 percent. Nobina has also secured several new contracts in Finland and therefore needs more drivers. Experience has shown that female drivers are increasingly considered as something self- evident and positive, and that they can also persuade other women to consider the profession. As part of the recruitment initiative in Finland, Nobina mainly focused its efforts on trying to attract new drivers from female-dominated sectors, where employees are already accustomed to shift work and have extensive experience of customer service.

A new career

Together with a training partner, Nobina Finland held three courses as part of the recruitment process that provided an introduction to the profession. The courses were marketed on social media, on Nobina’s website and through trade fairs, in advertising and newsletters. Special recruitment events were held in 12 locations in southern Finland. In the marketing material, a few of Nobina Finland’s current female drivers talked about their own career development at the company. The results show that significantly more women than previously showed an interest in the driving profession and were chosen to take part in Nobina’s courses. On average, 23 percent of participants in the three courses were women. Nobina Finland still has some way to go before reaching the goal of 40 percent female drivers, but is definitely moving in the right direction.


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