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Together, we keep society moving every day

We are Nobina, the largest public transport company in the Nordic region. At Nobina, 13,000 people work every day to identify solutions to your everyday life puzzle and society’s major challenges.

We want to contribute to a more sustainable society. Accordingly, we develop technology that reduces environmental and climate impact, without simultaneously imposing limits. We connect cities and regions so that you can easily get to school, work, or the love of your life at the other end of the country. Through innovation and experience, we also create a profitable and stable company that provides work for thousands of people. In the lunchroom, we sometimes exchange experiences and perspectives that help us to grow as a company, when the myriad of competencies have the chance to be shared and developed. In this way, we can create an even better journey for you and for society.

It is our way of taking responsibility and showing respect for each other and our surrounding world. Together, we keep society moving every day.

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