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We are Nobina Care

With 13,000 employees across four countries, Nobina is the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator.
We are also Sweden's leading player in special public transport. This includes all journeys that for various reasons cannot be made in regular public transport, such as school transport, trips to and from hospital, travel services and care journeys. Unlike traditional taxi companies, we only work with procured traffic.
Together with our passengers and clients, we are big enough to make a difference for travellers. A difference that is necessary.

When regular public transport is not enough, our journeys must be reliable. For many travellers, travelling with us is the only way to get where they need to go. Often this is a hospital visit, a work trip or getting to school on time.
Conversely, when a trip is cancelled or delayed, it causes great anxiety, stress and frustration. This places high demands on the entire organisation. From traffic managers and traffic planners, to drivers and customer service staff. In all parts of the operation, the needs of travellers need to guide the level of knowledge, ambition and quality. It should not be easier to buy a toothbrush from the other side of the world than to order a school transport journey for your child.
Our vision is to work with the country's municipalities and regions to develop better and stricter requirements for how specialised passenger transport must function. Through active collaboration, we can ensure that more travellers, families and relatives have an easier everyday life.
Do not hesitate to contact us. We always want to learn more. We always need more people. And we always need to get better.

Our mission

We work mainly with tendered transport. Unlike other industry colleagues, our focus is on travelling with special needs.
This means that every day, every moment, we prioritise the journeys that society most needs to make. We do not believe in conflicts of interest between commercial operations and publicly procured medical transport. With us, a driver should never have to choose between a taxi trip to the airport or a transport service trip from the supermarket...
Nevertheless, our work consists of many difficult tasks and challenges. School transport for children with neuropsychiatric disabilities needs to be carried out with extra knowledge, care and accuracy. The traffic situation in our big cities makes it difficult to plan and ensure that cars arrive on time. Technological developments and expectations mean that the entire industry must take major steps forward in terms of new digital tools.
But this is also what makes our work so exciting. For us, care and concern for the individual meets advanced traffic planning and new digital tools. By leading the development in our industry, we want to develop better transport solutions together with the country's municipalities and regions.

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