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Dynamic values that support all employees

Nobina is a value-based company, and our three values determine how we work in all parts of our business. The values reflect how we behave, how we work and how we act towards each other. They serve as the Group’s foundation and our internal moral compass. And provide support in various situations at work. We also always strive to maintain an active dialogue about our values, and about how well we live up to them. Because benefits from the values are created when they are transformed from a written statement into concrete behaviour.

Our values are:

We respect each other

We safeguard the equal value of all human beings and treat each other with courtesy and consideration. Together, we create a secure and creative working climate. We take action in the case of lack of respect towards passengers, each other and the company.

We care

We are committed, attentive and care about each other. We take active responsibility for the environment, society, safety and security. We promote health and personal development.

We take responsibility

Our work is characterised by responsibility, trust and participation. We take responsibility for our own development and the development of the company. We act as good examples.


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