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Promises to passengers – an important journey for Nobina

“You should feel welcome, safe, receive information that is important for your journey and should always feel confident that you are travelling sustainably.” These are Nobina’s four promises to our passengers, promises that encompass all employees.

The most important thing for one passenger may be that the bus is on time, for another that the journey is sustainable, while a third mainly wants to feel safe and welcome. Nobina wants to live up to all of these wishes.

Our passenger promises set out the direction of Nobina’s journey to meet the requirements of passengers. A journey that involves all employees, before, during and after the journey. This includes everything from traffic management and service, to drivers and vehicle care.

The passenger promises mean that on a Nobina bus you should always feel welcome, safe, receive information that is important for your journey and feel confident that your journey with us is sustainable.

All employees at Nobina, from service halls and vehicle care to traffic management, drivers and managers, are responsible for fulfilling the different parts of the passenger promises. Ensuring that the bus is clean and tidy, the air conditioning works, that the tyre tread depth is correct, that the bus leaves exactly on time and that information from traffic management is perfect. These parts combine to ensure that passengers have a positive experience of the journey with Nobina.

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