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Meet the people at Nobina

We who work at Nobina are driven to make a difference, a true difference. By offering public transport that allows more people to leave their cars at home, we contribute to a better and more sustainable world. We also give everyone an equal opportunity to get where they want to go, even those who do not have a driver's license or a car, thus contributing to greater inclusion in society. This is why our jobs are important.

Our values are important to us

Our three values: We respect each other, We care and We take responsibility, guide us in our everyday life. The values shape how we behave, how we work and how we treat each other. They serve as the Group's foundation, our inner moral compass and as support in different situations at work. We also always strive to have a continuous dialog about our values, as well as a dialog about how well we live up to them. After all, the benefit of the values is only created when they move from paper to actual behaviors.

Our leaders are business-minded, committed and courageous

Our leaders at Nobina are good role models who lead with a lot of heart and warmth with high ambitions.

Leadership is present, which means that our leaders know their business, see their employees and act based on what is needed for each individual to feel good, feel included, develop, be committed and achieve set goals. Our leaders are driven to develop sustainable travel, where our passengers are always in focus. Our leaders identify opportunities and develop them to make the experience for our travelers the best possible.

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We like to take responsibility, cooperate with others and think it is important to understand the big picture

We at Nobina have personal leadership and like to take responsibility. We enjoy collaborating with others to achieve our goals together. We want an understanding of the big picture and what we can contribute. We like changes and see opportunities in them.

Meet the Nobina people!

We sit behind the wheel, the controls and at the keyboard. Nobina employs product developers, drivers, back-end developers, personnel planners and traffic management. We are 13,000 colleagues who every day make it possible for a million travelers to travel sustainably and safely. Meet Sammy, Johanna and Erik - some of our many wonderful colleagues!

Sammy ensures optimal charging

Sammy Johansson's job has been very much about electric buses. Introducing electric buses, creating systems for electric buses, fixing infrastructure for electric buses and creating huge depots for electric buses, with optimized charging. See and hear Sammy tell us why he loves his job!

Johanna develops the Bus Rapid Transit concept

One of the coolest things Johanna Johansson has done at work is to develop a completely new traffic concept, namely BRT - Bus Rapid Transit. This means buses that steal the best from trams, but with the awesome flexibility of buses. Here she tells us why she loves her job as a product developer!

Erik is a specialist in vehicle IT

The coolest thing Erik Thorén has done at work is to build his own algorithm for optimizing electric bus charging. You see, getting a diesel bus to run for half a day at a time is no problem, but getting an electric bus to do so - that's a whole other thing! Watch the video of what Erik's day looks like.

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