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Nobina’s whistleblower function

Nobina’s whistleblower function is to be used to report suspected serious irregularities or misconduct. It also gives us the ability to act and is an important tool to enable us to comply with our values. Every day, all year round. For Nobina, it is self-evident that we take responsibility and we want all people with an interest in our operations to feel safe and that they are treated with respect. Thank you for helping us to make this happen.


As a whistleblower, you can choose to submit your report anonymously.

All reports received are dealt with by the company Interaktiv Säkerhet, which acts as an external agent for Nobina’s whistleblowing function. Interaktiv Säkerhet is completely independent from Nobina and acts as an impartial partner in relation to the matter under consideration. Telephone conversations with Interaktiv Säkerhet are completely confidential and are not recorded. Interaktiv Säkerhet does not register your IP address.

If you choose to be anonymous, neither you nor your report can be traced. If you include your name in the submitted report, Interaktiv Säkerhet will anonymize your report to guarantee that you remain anonymous to Nobina.

Who can make a report

Everyone can make a report. You can be an employee, supplier, customer, shareholder or a third party. Please note that you are covered by whistleblower protection before, during and after you have left the company.

What can be reported

The whistleblowing function is designed for the notification of serious irregularities or misconduct within the Nobina Group that concern:

  • Illegal activities;
  • Economic crimes (such as false accounting, infringements of internal control procedures or embezzlement);
  • Bribery or corruption;
  • Conflict of interest;
  • Serious threat to an individual’s life and health; or
  • Serious threat to Nobina’s vital interests.

The whistleblower function only addresses matters related to the company, key employees or individuals with an executive role. For matters concerning, for example, dissatisfaction in the workplace, alcohol and drug abuse or bullying, please contact your immediate manager or use Nobina’s routine reporting channels.

You do not need proof in order to report your suspicion. However, accusations must not be malicious or made in the knowledge that the accusation is false.

Complaints about public transport, such as late departures or lost items, will not be handled by the whistleblowing function. For this type of general complaint, contact customer service at the relevant public transport authority.

What to consider when you make a report

If we are to investigate and proceed with your case in the best possible way you must describe your case in detail. If you fail to present a complete description of the event/case or if necessary information is missing, we may not be able to investigate the case correctly.

You are not obliged to present proof, but you must submit information in good faith and must not have malicious intent or be aware that the accusation is false.

This link will take you to Interaktiv Säkerhet’s website where you can submit your report.

Remember to save your case number and verification code.

How we handle a report

Interaktiv Säkerhet conducts an initial assessment of the report to determine whether it is of such a nature that it should be handled by the whistleblowing function. If Interaktiv Säkerhet decides the matter is such that it requires further action, the case is sent to Nobina, which then decides whether the report should be investigated further.

When you submit a report, it receives a unique case number together with a verification code. This information is used if additional information is required or to receive feedback on the report.

You will receive feedback on the case when it has been investigated.

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