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Nobina strives to make as many people as possible view public transport as a safe and convenient mode of transport, and an obvious alternative to taking the car. About one million people travel with one of our buses every day. For them, we offer a simple and convenient journey where digital services, such as our Travis app, can facilitate planning. Through our public transport services, such as service traffic, we also create opportunities for people with special needs to have a functioning daily life and to take part in society.

Global goal: Sustainable cities and communities

The goal is to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Nobina’s contribution to the goal

Nobina’s greatest contribution is to target 11.2. It seeks to provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport for all. This includes for example, improving road safety, notably by expanding public transport, with special attention to the needs of those in vulnerable situations or those with special needs – women, children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Responsible operator

In our role as a major industry-leading company, we are active in the public debate and in building expertise concerning technology, sustainability and the tendering process. 

Safety for all

The growing volume of road traffic increases the need for safety. Nobina is taking action by introducing red seat belts, holding regular crisis exercises and by testing camera surveillance.

Safety-related activities are something that can never be considered finished. We can also see that many traffic environments around the Nordic region have become busier and more challenging, which reinforces safety requirements. Nobina’s safety efforts put people first – both employees and travellers. Similar to other sustainability initiatives, the work is built on systematic efforts and where the main focus is on preventing risks and incidents.

Fine-tuning and testing

Nobina conducts regular crisis exercises in both the management team and in our traffic areas. Through the use of exercises where participants are presented with various crisis scenarios, we can test and fine tune the organisation in how to react quickly and correctly when the situation demands. Moreover, we conduct evacuation exercises to test preparedness at the depots. Both of these exercises help us to see where we are vulnerable and have weak points, which in the next stage are translated into improvements. The depots also hold special safety weeks that involve both theory and practice. These are sometimes held together with the fire and rescue services and other external players and linked to various themes. The ambition is that each depot shall perform three safety weeks per year.

Safety signal that makes a difference

In 2022, Nobina resolved to fit red seat belts in new buses in the future, to increase seat belt use. The red colour is to provide a safety signal that reminds the driver about the importance of using a seat belt, and clearly shows travellers that there is a seat belt and that the driver they are travelling with takes safety seriously. When we replace seat belts in older buses, red belts are installed.

A safety year

Nobina has named 2022–23 as a safety year. This means we are accelerating safety efforts during the year. Initiatives include new key figures and extended reporting, clearer division of responsibilities, broader risk assessments and new methods as part of improvement efforts. In order to increase security for travellers, Nobina conducted a pilot project in 2022 in Malmö whereby two city bus routes were monitored by cameras. The cameras broadcast live to Nobina’s traffic management and security centre, which meant guards or the police can be quickly alerted in the event of an incident. The results of the pilot project show that security increased and Nobina is now exploring opportunities to expand the initiative to additional cities and city bus routes.

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