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Our vision – everybody should want to travel with us

Nobina’s vision “Everyone wants to travel with us” is about us wanting to increase the use of public transport, both for the good of the environment and to simplify the everyday lives of people. To achieve this vision, it must be easy to travel with us. There must be clear timetables, passengers must be given relevant information about their journey and buying a ticket should be uncomplicated. And, not least, the journey itself must be safe, comfortable and trouble-free.

Sustainability in everything we do

People must also be able to feel confident that they will always travel sustainably with us. Not only in terms of environmental and climate impact, but also economically and socially. Everything we do must take the perspective of sustainability into account – from the family budget and our client’s resources to climate impact and accessibility for all.

As the largest public transport company in the Nordic region, we can make a difference in all of these areas. By creating synergies and nurturing close relationships with clients and partners, we can leverage both our own resources and those of others as efficiently as possible. This is positive for the individual and all of society.

Strength in numbers

We cannot achieve our vision by ourselves – to do so we need the help of our passengers, clients and partners, and by being transparent, motivated and reliable. By being open to new ideas that make us better, and by leading in the development of new, intelligent traffic solutions. Reliable in our way of cooperating and tackling joint targets with our clients.

This enables us to create even better travel that contributes to the societal benefits we aim to achieve: To offer sustainable travel to work and school, activities, and family and friends.

Because together, we keep society moving every day.

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