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Strategic framework for profitable growth

Nobina’s strategy is based on our profitable growth. During the year, the strategy was broadened and clarified in a numberof ways. It is based on three strategic objectives and encompasses the business areas, Nobina Bus and Nobina Care. Sustainability has also been given a clearer role.

Our strategic objectives

Nobina’s strategic framework for profitable growth contains three overarching strategic objectives:

Maximise shareholder value

Profitable growth is the basis of Nobina’s operations.Profitability is linked to specific financial targets, but we are clear at the same time that profitability also means we have a long term perspective and can grow sustainably over time.

Maximise positive effect on environment, travellers and society

The more services we produce, the better for the environment, travellers and society as a whole. Emissions and traffic congestion decrease while accessibility to different parts of a city or region increase. This is why we want to grow public transport as much as possible.

Enable our employees to deliver on Nobina's traveller promise with pride

Our traveller promise captures how we meet traveller needs: “You should feel welcome, safe, receive information that is important for your journey and should always feel confident that you are travelling sustainably.” The promise is realised through committed, motivated employees and we can offer travellers the best possible journey every day.

Business areas built on a common base

The strategy was refined and meant operations were divided into three business areas with specific strategic priorities and targets for each business area. Nobina Bus focuses on public bus transport services, Nobina Care specialises in service trafic while Nobina Mobility offers digital mobility solutions in public transport. The business areas’ operations share a common base:

Sustainability in everything we do

This is a promise of sustainability in everything we do, addressed to ourselves, PTAs, travellers and to society as a whole. The concrete sustainability work focuses on a number of environmental issues, such as minimising carbon dioxide emissions, and also social sustainability with a focus that includes work environment, equality and on our role as societal stakeholder.

A strong Nobina heart

This concept summarises the values and culture that are to permeate Nobina. This highlights the significance of commitment in everyday situations, but also everything from competence assurance to the importance of providing safe and secure workplaces where all employees feel they be the best version of themselves.

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