Anti corruption program

Within Nobina we always act with integrity. Our core values ​​state that we always follow the laws and rules wherever we operate. In Nobina we do not accept corruption in any form.

Our business is driven by many valuable contacts in the community, such as government agencies, politicians, contractors and private sub-contractors. With many large and long-term contracts as a base, this means that we are exposed to the risk of corruption.

Core principles

Our overall goals and our values​​ is our guide in all situations, in meetings with customers, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders. Our values ​​are described with explanations on how we view our world and how we want to act in it. 

Our values is our business policy, and thus constitutes the basis for all other guidelines and instructions we use in our business.

It is ultimately the Board who make decisions about our policies.
In addition we have our "Ethical Guidelines" which is designed specifically to combat all forms of corruption. 

Extracts from the "Ethical Guidelines"

We always want to act and be perceived as professionals in our industry. Our guidelines aim to explain how employees in Nobina handles different types of offerings, donations or gifts in relationships with customers and suppliers.

  • Entertainment and Gifts.
    Our employees must not give or accept gifts, favors, entertainment, or other things that somehow expect a quid pro quo.
  • Bribery.
    Our employees may not - directly or indirectly - offer, promise, request, demand or accept bribes or other improper benefits to retain a client or close a business deal.
  • Improper collaboration.
    Nobina promotes transparency in all business settings and takes away from cartels and collaborative efforts to favor any party in a deal.
  • Support for the political actors.
    Our industry has political interests. Therefore, it is important to behave properly in relation to political actors. In Nobina, we distance ourselves from giving contributions to candidate politicians, donating money to political authorities or political parties.
  • Supplier relationships.
    At Nobina we always apply appropriate procedures to evaluate and select key suppliers and contractors on the basis of their ability to live up to the requirements of our contract. In the context of contacts with suppliers, we do not accept other things than improved terms of our agreements with them.


Our values is the policydocument that all employees are recruited on today. Then it follows every employee in annual performance appraisals and evaluations. In this way, we keep an active dialogue with employees and managers with our values ​​as a base. 

Our "Ethical guidelines" is especially on focus for colleagues at the functions that work with business contacts. It is the riskgroup we have identified to be exposed to corruption of some kind.

In our leader introductory training, we always have a section on values ​​and ethical behavior.

On regularly basis, every management teams performs KAMS Committee, comprised of any identified discrepancies against the ethical guidelines reported by the Quality Manager and decisions to mitigate are adopted.

Our employees can always report on irregularities if they would occur in Nobinas business, something we call MOM - Notifies the Ombudsman. MOM is accessible for all our employees at any time during the year and we can always remain anonymous. MOM is a function that is held outside Nobina company in order to be independent.


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