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Nobina – a growth company in sustainable public transport

Nobina offers the Nordic market’s most complete offering of expertise, support and services in public transport. We offer bus transport and special needs services and develop digital payment solutions and planning tools for door-to-door travel. Our extensive experience and credibility among stable public clients, and our focus on high-growth regions in the Nordics, make us uniquely positioned for continued profitable growth.

Sustainability is part of Nobina’s DNA and our clear environmental, social and governance (ESG) profile, which – in addition to a successful conversion of the fleet to renewable biofuels and electric operation, and our own eco-driving concept – is also directly integrated with our business model to encourage people to swap the car for travel by bus. In addition to the positive environmental effect, Nobina also contributes to a more sustainable society through clear corporate governance and inclusive recruitment, which leads to increased integration and diversity, thereby further strengthening our position in the communities in which we operate.

Nobina has evolved into the Nordic region’s leading public transport company with a focus on high-growth regions. We combine our cyclically robust contract business with growth in metro replacement services, extra traffic, bus-for-rail services and other areas with an attractive profitability profile and lower capital intensity. Our clients mainly comprise regional councils, with which we have a close relationship and with which we cooperate, based on people’s travel habits, to optimize and increase environmentally friendly travel using digital solutions, a high service level and, over time, electric-powered buses.

Our business in service traffic is also undergoing strong growth and with healthy profitability through Samtrans, which was acquired in 2018. The growing number of elderly people in the Nordic region and a fragmented provider market create excellent conditions to continue our profitable growth by consolidating the Nordic market for special needs transportation, healthcare-related travel and related areas, both organically and through acquisitions.


Nobina also foresees major opportunities for long-term growth within the area of mobility innovations, which it is addressing through the 2019 launch of the Travis app, thus marking the beginning of the third business leg that is based on a commission-based business model and third-party cooperation. This initiative, which is being conducted together with selected partners, comprises an offering in travel planning and payment management for door-to-door travel, including buses, autonomous vehicles, trains, metro, e-bikes and electric taxis. In spring 2020, we commenced the roll-out of the service in Stockholm and we aim to create a market-leading position in the 20 largest cities in the Nordic region.

In the most recent three years, sales increased by an annual average of 8 percent and adjusted EBT by 9 percent, and our rapid growth continues. During 2019/2020, we achieved SEK 10.6 billion in sales with an adjusted EBT margin of 4.4 percent.

Our market

Nobina operates in growing, non-cyclical markets in the Nordic region, where the urbanisation trend is strong. In pace with society and our daily lives becoming increasingly densified, we are growing older, and digitalisation is proceeding rapidly, new opportunities emerge, alongside a growing need for our services. Demands for reduced congestion and emissions, and a greater need for public transport for everyday life benefit our business. Continuous development of our business model is therefore central to our operations and comprises a clear competitive advantage.

Today, four main trends shape the company’s development and make Nobina a structural winner in the long term:

  • Growing cities, increased population and congestion
  • Increased awareness of air pollution and environmental impact
  • Technology development that makes travel safer and more convenient
  • Government investment in public transport and stricter environmental goals
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