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Nobina to receive compensation for cost of repairing manipulated buses

During December 2015, Nobina discovered that the exhaust gas purification systems had been manipulated in the 59 Malmö buses owned by Skånetrafiken which Nobina had taken over from the previous contract holder. The manipulation was carried out before Nobina assumed responsibility. The damaged catalytic converters were restored immediately following the discovery and Nobina will be reimbursed all costs incurred.

Nobina began to suspect manipulation during the course of a scheduled service. When a complete inspection was carried out, it was discovered that 59 buses had catalytic converters through which holes had been bored or which were clogged, with the consequence that exhaust gases could not be purified.

“Nobina is proud of its sustainability work. We operate in an industry which plays a key role in resolving our shared climate challenges. Thus, this is blow to us and the industry, but first and foremost it’s a blow to the environment and those people who use public transport and frequent Malmö,” says Ragnar Norbäck, CEO, Nobina.

Immediately upon making the discovery, Nobina began work on replacing the damaged catalytic converters in order to ensure functioning gas purification and reliable delivery of transport services. Nobina will be reimbursed for costs incurred in connection with the measures.


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