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Nobina wins bus traffic contract in the Stockholm region valued at approximately SEK 4 billion

Nobina has won two tenders for SL traffic service (AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik): in Järfälla/Upplands Bro and in Södertälje/Nykvarn. The contracts comprise more than 160 buses and the total value is estimated at over SEK 450 million annually during periods of 8 and 10 years respectively, starting in August 2016. 

The decisions by SL mean that Nobina will continue bus operations in Järfälla/Upplands Bro and Södertälje/Nykvarn. The contracts are characterised by a focus on stimulating public transport by placing responsibility on Nobina to develop traffic planning based on the needs of customers and the individual municipality for sustainable travel.

"We are very pleased to have renewed confidence from SL and to fortify our strong position in the Stockholm region", says Ragnar Norbäck, President and CEO of Nobina.

In the Järfälla/Upplands Bro contract, 30 per cent of the compensation is based on the number of boarding passengers, and in the Södertälje/Nykvarn contract, 100 per cent of the compensation is based on the number of boarding passengers. The contracts stipulate that Nobina assumes responsibility for planning, marketing and customer satisfaction, all being important features for increasing the number of passengers.

"These contracts require new forms of collaboration between Nobina, SL and the municipalities of Södertälje, Nykvarn, Järfälla and Upplands Bro, which we appreciate since it stimulates development and gives public transport a more central role in the development of society," says Jan Bosaeus, CEO of Nobina Sverige AB.

Nobina will invest in over 100 new buses. All vehicles are equipped with, among other things, USB chargers, a service appreciated by the end customer, and information screens, to simplify the customer's travel by providing real-time information. The contracts also contain clear requirements for environmental improvements, with a transition to 100 per cent renewable fuels during the contract period.

The Södertälje/Nykvarn contract will run for 10 years. The Järfälla/Upplands Bro contract will run for eight years, with an option for a two-year extension.

The decisions to award the tenders may be appealed not later than 27 November.


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