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Nobina wins bus transport contract worth almost SEK 100 million

Nobina has won a contract to provide transport services on behalf of HSL, (the Helsinki region public transport authority) involving the operation of city traffic in Espoo. The new contract enters into force on 15 August 2016 and will extend over three years, with the possibility for a three-year extension. The total value is estimated at close to SEK 100 million over the three-year period. 

The decision by the Helsinki region PTA means that Nobina will continue to engage in its successful work. The new contract covers 13 buses. Nobina will invest in 2 new buses.

“In December, we were awarded a contract for 94 buses by HSL, and it is positive that HSL has now chosen Nobina to provide an additional service. We look forward, together with them, to continuing to develop transport for the benefit of our clients as well as passengers, and to further improve our customer satisfaction rating in the HSL area,” says Tom Ward, Head of Nobina Finland.

The award decision is appealable not later than 23 February 2016.


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