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Nobina increases bus fleet run on renewable fuel to 72%

During the spring and summer, Nobina will take delivery of 138 new buses as a result of traffic contracts that commence in 2017. The buses will enter into traffic successively from April until August 2017.  The percentage of Nobina’s bus fleet operating on renewable fuel will thus increase from 55 to more than 72 per cent as of 31 August. In Sweden, where most buses operate, the number will increase to more than 85 per cent.

All 138 vehicles will be operated on renewable fuel and will be delivered by Mercedes-Benz, MAN and Solaris.

“Our PTA’s are imposing increasingly exacting demands for renewable fuel, which is a positive development for everyone. It means that every new bus we order takes us toward a more environmentally friendly and sustainable society,” says Annika Kolmert, Director of Strategy & Sustainability at Nobina.

Most of the buses also have enhanced on-board information in the form of infotainment screens and USB charging sockets for mobile telephones and tablets. As announced earlier, the new buses will be included in some of the year’s new traffic starts in Malmö, Borås and Oslo.

Nobina’s choice of buses is based on the PTA’s bus specifications and evaluation of the bus’s total cost over its useful life, including purchase price, fuel consumption, maintenance and financing costs.

“When we order buses, it is often not sufficient that a bus manufacturer has the lowest price to meet the high demands set by our clients and ourselves to be able to deliver high-quality public transport. Climate impact, combined with the bus’s total costs over its useful life, are criteria that weigh heavily,” says Anna Jonasson, Director of Operational Support at Nobina.

Nobina is the market leader in public transport in the Nordic region and one of the consequences of this is that Nobina is the largest customer for buses. Of Nobina’s fleet of approximately 3,600 buses, 55 per cent are operated on renewable fuel (as of Q2 2016/17). With the new buses on order and older buses being taken out of operation, the percentage of Nobina’s bus fleet that is operated on renewable fuel will increase to more than 72 per cent as of 31 August. In Sweden, where most of the buses operate, the percentage of buses operated on renewable fuel will increase to more than 85 per cent from 75 per cent.
The overall share of renewable fuels in tendered public transport in Sweden rose to 76.5 percent in 2016, according to a report published on Tuesday by the Swedish Bus and Coach Federation (in Swedish: Sveriges Bussföretag). According to the report, over half of all journeys by regional public transport are performed by bus.

For further information, please contact:
Annika Molander, Head of Communications Nobina AB, +46 (0)73-355 06 16

About Nobina

Nobina is the largest and most experienced public bus transport service provider in the Nordic region. The Company’s expertise in prospecting, tendering and active management of public bus transport contracts in combination with long-term delivery quality makes Nobina an industry leader in terms of profitability, development and initiatives that promote a healthier industry. Every day, Nobina ensures that more than one million people arrive at work, school or other activities by delivering contracted public bus transport services in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. In addition, Nobina offers express bus services under the Swebus brand in the Swedish market. The Company has sales in excess of SEK 8 billion (2015/16), approximately 10,000 employees, and is headquartered in Solna, Stockholm. For more information, see Nobina’s website: www.nobina.com 

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