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10th anniversary of the Bus Driver's Day celebrations

Every day, one million passengers travel to school, work, family, relatives and leisure activities in Nobina's buses. And behind the wheel, all day, all year round, are the people who make the journey possible. On March 18, on Bus Driver's Day, our drivers are given a little extra attention, this year for the tenth year! Thank you to all drivers for keeping society moving safely and sustainably - every day!

Today, on March 18, Bus Driver's Day is celebrated for the tenth year. It is a day when we at Nobina, as always, give our drivers extra appreciation. This takes place on site in traffic, to deliver a thank you, a greeting and a symbolic gift. The initiative for the day comes from Nobina driver Staffan Dunér who felt that drivers, like many other roles in the service professions, were not really getting the appreciation they deserved:

"Making people visible is extremely important. Acknowledging others by seeing them and greeting them is something that creates safety and calm," says Staffan Dunér.

It is not only on Bus Driver's Day that our drivers are thanked. Nobina's drivers receive lots of thanks every day. From passengers who made their connection despite the snow, from relatives of passengers who had a smooth journey, from passengers who forgot something valuable in the bus and got it back, and from passengers who just want to thank their driver for the daily, safe journey.

In this video, you can see more thanks that our passengers have left for their drivers!

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