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Investment in sustainability leads to 80-percent reduction in emissions

In close cooperation with HSL (Helsinki Regional Transport), Nobina is transitioning to a new type of fuel, replacing three million litres of diesel with biofuel. In a comparison between traditional diesel and biodiesel, this transition will yield an 80-percent reduction in total carbon dioxide emissions in Helsinki in one year alone.

The total reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to travelling 51 times by car between Nuorgam, the northernmost point of Finland, to Tulludden, the southernmost point of the country. The transition is a step towards Nobina’s target of delivering sustainable travel that is 100-percent fossil-free by 2030.

“Nobina is driving the development of fossil-free travel and I am proud that in collaboration with HSL we are working to create a more sustainable society. Sustainable travel is also a promise to our travellers. The transition is a prime example of how we are working to maintain and fulfil this promise,” says Petri Auno, Managing Director of Nobina Finland.

“At Nobina, sustainability is a matter of course, and I am delighted that we and HSL have clear sustainability targets and we are now working together to realise these targets,” says Peter Avenberg, Sustainability Manager at Nobina. 

The transition from traditional diesel to biofuel will commence immediately.

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