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The Malmö Express - MEX

The Malmö Express in Malmö was designed when Nobina started its new Malmö Central traffic contract. The new Line 5 then became the first live BRT service* in Sweden and has since served as an inspiration for similar projects. The City of Malmö then applied for funding from the state through the Sweden Negotiation (Sverigeförhandlingen) so that four more Malmö Expresses, of which Line 8 started in June 2022, and the other three are planned until 2030.

The Malmö Express, called MEX, has been a great success, with a number of passengers who have increased many times over expectations - by 120 per cent just two years after its launch. But also from a social perspective, the BRT lines have played a major role in developing and connecting the whole of Malmö. This, in turn, has had a ripple effect in the form of increased housing construction, where densification around the lines has been prioritised and the street environment has been made more accessible for walking and cycling, in addition to the bus.

Nobina's main responsibility in the MEX project has been the actual vehicle concept and traffic planning of the entire lines, where we have built up knowledge and experience in electrification, BRT service and a punctual and passenger-friendly timetable. In addition, Nobina has produced and presented infrastructure studies for Skånetrafiken and the City of Malmö. The studies have been an important contribution to the infrastructure on which the BRT concept is based.

Line 8 of the Malmö Express is operated by a fully electric depot-charged 24 metre bus, which is the only one of its kind in Europe. The focus for future lines is also a fully electrified solution.

During Persontrafikdagarna 2022, Nobina, the City of Malmö and Skånetrafiken jointly presented the success of the MEX concept under the term "Sweden's Public Transport Capital", as an expression of how obvious it is that Malmö is one of the most prominent cities when it comes to thoughtful and comprehensive public transport.


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