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Safety and security

Our safety and security products reflect our values and promises to our passengers. We at Nobina take responsibility for safety and care about you as a traveller so that you have a safe journey.

Traveller and employee safety

Security camera - live

A function that makes it possible to watch what is happening in the bus in real time. An excellent function for traffic control centers that want to significantly increase security and at the same time the ability to take the right action when security is threatened.

Traffic management map - live

A feature that allows you to see in real time the location and status of all buses and whether they are early, on time or delayed, giving traffic management staff the tools to quickly address any traffic disruptions.

Safety hosts

A service where specially trained staff use their presence to prevent security incidents and contribute to a safe journey before, during and after the journey. An excellent complement to Security Camera Live.


Our own navigation and mapping support for our drivers. It allows us to quickly reroute a bus to a temporary route without risking the bus getting stuck under a low bridge or in places where access is restricted.



Traffic safety

Traffic Arrangement plans

We offer road construction companies, road managers, municipalities and regions traffic arrangement plans that place extra focus on the accessibility of public transport.

Traffic Safety Hosts

A service that can be compared to the "flag guards" that you can sometimes see on roadworks directing traffic. Our Traffic Safety Hosts are experienced bus drivers who are trained and follow the regulations that regulate traffic routing according to the TA plan established on the road diversion. Our hosts prioritize traffic safety and security, which provides good punctuality and accessibility for public transport.

Traffic diversion materials

We rent barrier materials to ensure a safe and secure workplace for road construction and all road users.

Our own system that makes it much more difficult to steal a bus

Only with a unique authorised code can the bus be started. The system can also be expanded so that you can stop a bus remotely. An excellent complement to Traffic Management Map - live.

Infrastructure security

In the transition to fossil-free buses, the redundancy in our electricity infrastructure has not really kept up. We offer backup solutions with preparedness with our own power plants that ensure that all vehicles are charged despite interruptions in the regular electricity supply.

We offer to develop and secure the properties we operate in so that they meet the new requirements for intrusion by unauthorised persons, protection against sabotage and other antagonistic threats.

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