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Group management

Group management assists the CEO in following up the results of the Group and the business areas in relation to agreed targets and strategies and in the monitoring of operations. It also ensures access to efficient and value-generating allocation of Nobina’s capital and funds.

As a rule, Group management holds one scheduled meeting each month. The meetings focus on the Group’s strategic and operational development as well as performance follow-up. In addition to these meetings, members of Group management have close daily collaboration on various issues. Management works in line with Nobina’s policies and directives. All material decisions in the daily management of the Group’s operations are taken by the CEO following consultation with Group management.

The managing director of each operating subsidiary is responsible for keeping up to date about the performance of the operations and whether/how financial and qualitative targets are achieved. The managing director of each subsidiary is responsible for compiling this information and reporting to the relevant senior executives and the CEO. The CEO thereafter reverts to each of the managing directors of subsidiaries who in turn are responsible for ensuring the CEO’s instructions are implemented.

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