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Invitation to participate in the result presentation regarding the Q2 report 2021/2022 from Nobina AB

Nobina AB's Q2 report 2021/2022 will be published on Thursday 30 September 2021 at 08:00 (CEST).

A conference call will take place on the same day at 10:00 (CEST), where President and CEO Magnus Rosén together with CFO Pernilla Walfridsson will be presenting and commenting on the report as well as answering questions.

The report will be published on the company web site at 08:00 (CEST) on the same day. The presentation slides will be available on the company website in time for the conference call or through the following link:

To attend the conference call, please call:

From Sweden, tel: +46 8 506 921 85

From UK, tel: +44 203 0095710

From US, tel: +1 866 8692 321

From Germany, tel: +49 69 2222 4910

From Finland, tel: +358 942 451472

From Denmark, tel: +45 3272 7518

From Norway, tel: +47 2156 3162

Conference ID: 1587087

For contact details from other countries, please contact Nobina. For a recorded version of the conference call, please log in via the same link as above. 

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