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Nobina gives notice of Change of Control Event and voluntary repurchase offer under bond terms and conditions

Reference is made to Nobina AB’s (publ) (“Nobina”) senior secured floating rate green bonds 2019/2024 (the ”Bonds”) and the terms and conditions for the Bonds (the ”Terms and Conditions”). Any capitalised term in this press release not otherwise defined herein shall have the same meaning ascribed to it in the Terms and Conditions.

As announced by way of Ride BidCo AB’s press release on 24 January 2022, Basalt[1], through Ride BidCo AB, has acquired approximately 92.8 per cent of all shares in Nobina (excluding the treasury shares held by Nobina). The acquisition constitutes a Change of Control Event under the Terms and Conditions and Nobina has today sent a notice regarding the Change of Control Event to the holders of the Bonds and their agent Nordic Trustee.

The Change of Control Event provides each bondholder with a right (but not an obligation) to, within a certain time period, request that Nobina repurchases all, or some only, of its Bonds at a price equal to 101.00 per cent. of the nominal amount together with accrued but unpaid interest.

The abovementioned notice to the bondholders and their agent, which contains more information regarding the repurchase right, is available at Nobina’s webpage, https://www.nobina.com/investors/financial-information/green-bond/.

The Issuer has appointed Swedbank to act as paying agent in connection with the repurchase right. Gernandt & Danielsson has been appointed as legal counsel.

[1] Basalt Infrastructure Partners III A L.P., Basalt Infrastructure Partners III B L.P., Basalt Infrastructure Partners III C L.P. and Basalt Infrastructure Partners III D L.P., each acting through its general partner and manager Basalt Infrastructure Partners III GP Limited (“Basalt”).

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