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Nobina Technology develops the sustainable travel of the future

Nobina Technology is the Nobina Group’s own innovation and development company. We create solutions that enable people to travel without using a privately owned car. To be able to address the demands of the future, we must change the way we move and use new and upcoming technology correctly – an approach that enables climate-smart and efficient mobility. At Nobina Technology, we develop new green technology that will ultimately lead to products and services that will benefit our clients, passengers, owners and, not least, society.

The new, smart solutions that Nobina Technology works with comprise, for example, autonomous technology, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), micromobility (small vehicles in urban environments, such as electric scooters) and on-demand services, about which you can read more below. 

By connecting different solutions, we create the possibility for people to travel easily. In brief, we aim to contribute to the creation of leading-edge mobility, environmentally, technically and economically.

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