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Autonomous buses

An autonomous bus encounters just as many obstacles as an ordinary car or bus. The difference is that the autonomous bus must be equipped with an “awareness” that can manage all the information it receives during its journey. Quite simply, it must “see” and take into consideration buildings, people, other motorists, roadworks and other situations. It is up to us to tell it what to do with the information, always with customer safety and comfort as our priority.

We began our autonomous journey by being first in Scandinavia to operate autonomous vehicles on public roads in December 2017, when we received our first approval from the Swedish Transport Agency. We have subsequently continued to develop the various systems together with our partners. This technology and our know-how have now brought the world its first scheduled service using several autonomous buses in Barkarbystaden, outside Stockholm.

However, we will not stop at this, but will continue our journey to further develop the operating systems to improve and enhance the operating efficiency of autonomous transport. One example is so-called V2X technology, by which the vehicle communicates with other sensors in its vicinity, making it possible to use autonomous vehicles in even more complex environments. In 2020 and 2021, we will continue to develop our autonomous services to include on-demand services and control towers.

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